Matigsalug Language Christian Association, Inc. Board Page

Board of Directors of Matigsalug Language Christian Association, Inc.

The Board of Directors of MLCA consists of thirteen members, elected every August at the General Assembly. The by-laws require that the Board consist of members from a range of geographical areas within the Matigsalug area, and also representing the range of Christian denominations.

The current members of the MLCA Board of Directors are:

ChairmanRev. Ruben PendioSinudaGeneral Baptist (GB)
Vice-chairmanPtr. Jaime ManyaoronPaquibatoGeneral Baptist (GB)
SecretaryPtra. Josephine Langgote--E Church of Christ U (ECCU)
TreasurerPtr. Moraldy LambanayMaloos--
MemberPtr. Oscar Salindong----
MemberPtr. Marcelo Baon----
MemberPtr. Jose Baon----
MemberPtr. Roger LumasayHalapitanManobo Association of Bible Churches (MABCOM)
MemberPtr. Ben Allan----
MemberPtr. Romeo Aglas----
MemberPtr. Ronito Dalag----
MemberPtr. Jeren DayagmosPalakpakanGeneral Baptist (GB)
MemberPtr. Bobby LingganSinudaFoursquare

These board members were elected August 2009 and are eligible to serve until xxxx.

Past board members include:

Ptr. Marcelo ApinoMarahanSIMKRIS
Ptr. Roque MaligatongPangananGeneral Baptist


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